Hello, 2017!

2016 has been so many things to me. Like the many others that passed, it had its share of the good and the bad. However unlike the rest, it has also brought so many huge changes in my life. Or maybe I’m just thinking this because good old 2016 was the ultimate adulting year for me (yet) in all aspects – career, family, love, friends and foes, relocation.. basically everything.

Looking at 2016 in general, I’d say that the prevalent feeling would be gratitude. I am a girl with so many dreams, plans and ambitions but I have never pictured life at 26 to be like this. Not at all. God has amazed me in so many ways and He continues to just leave me in awe at how things have been turning out. He answered so many of my prayers and has given me so much more than I have asked for and thought I needed. God really provides and He truly is my Creator. I still have so many things on my list because hello, I’m human and honestly, when you experience more of life and see all the wonderful things it has to offer, you can’t help but want more. That’s a human thing. But it’s also vital to keep yourself grounded and that you do by always being in touch with the story of how you began.

While I haven’t exactly furnished myself a New Year’s resolution, I affirm that 2017 will be another great year for me and my loved ones. My top prayers are still the same – happiness and good health for me, Mark and our families. On the side, I am praying for success, prosperity and growth. Of course, all these I am and will continue to work hard for.

How was your 2016?

What are you looking forward to this 2017?

Thank you for reading my blog posts, dear reader. I know I haven’t really written much last year (OMG it’s so surreal to refer to 2016 as ‘last year’) compared to 2015 but I will endeavor to dedicate more of my time writing this 2016! Let me know what you want to read more of. As always, I appreciate your thoughts, comments and messages.

I am wishing you and your families a bountiful and #blessed 2017! Let’s work our asses off to get the year that we deserve. God bless you! 🙂 #


On The Art of Deadma

I love Anne Curtis. I follow her on every social media account I own hence I’ve heard or read her say or tweet once or twice about the “art of deadma”. Before, I couldn’t really relate much to what this meant. For me years ago, I cared so much about what people thought and said about me. I am a Libra and I’ve read one too many times that we are the ultimate people pleasers. I don’t exactly believe in horoscopes and the reading of the stars but this trait they attribute to Librans is one thing I admit to be true – to me, at least. Looking back from when I was little, I was truly that girl who followed rules strictly and would never be caught doing something the adults have said NO to. I liked to get on the good side of people even when I didn’t get too comfortable in it. I would say yes to anything people would tell me. I would rarely be heard disagreeing especially to adults and people in authority. I grew up like that. And I was okay. I never got into trouble.

However, having that kind of mentality as an adult sucks. It is not healthy. You got to have your own choice and your own voice. You are earning and paying your bills, for crying out loud. But I still find myself stuck in my want to please people and my want to be assertive sometimes. And it’s not a happy position to be in.


I meet so many people, especially in this job, who are so bold with their thoughts and opinions, people who are so liberal with their ideas and who can’t just seem to get hold of the words coming out of their mouths, people who always think they’re right and are cocky about it, people who would push their judgments, people who seem to always have a say about something, smart mouth, people who pretend to be smart, people who call themselves educated but in manners are clearly not, people who have so much negativity in their vibe, people who only talk but never listen. God, I’ve seen them all. What irks me the most are people who literally have no holds barred with their opinions, tell it straight to your face, act so smart and experienced about it and shove it down your throat. Especially people who are like this re your personal life! As if they know you. As if they know your story. As if they know better.

So many people are quick to pass judgments and I may be guilty of this too sometimes but I’m not alone in knowing that there really are people who give judgments as though it’s their job – as though their life depended on it. Right now, you may even have a specific person in mind (wink! I gotcha!).  And really, what can we do about these people? Not much except employ the art of deadma. I’m definitely not the kind of person who gets provoked in  a word war easily and I don’t think it’s worth the time and energy with these people. What I do is I just breathe, let them talk all they want, pretend to be smart all they want and smile. Sometimes my therapy is to talk to my friends, family or fiance about these people and that’s when I pour all my emotions – most of the time, annoyance. 😉

If we allow every person’s comment or remark get under our skin every single time, we would get wrinkles even before we reach 30! Be selective in your battles, they say. And I couldn’t agree more. Not everyone is just worth your time, your energy and your peace.


Let me end this with this quote I’ve seen in Pinterest: “Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals or self-worth.”

Listen to your heart, breathe and together let’s be unfuckwithable. #

Positivity: the quality or state of being positive

There are so many and different things in a person’s life that he or she may regard as a blessing or a misfortune. A blessing for some may be a misfortune to others, and vice versa.

Being in the aviation industry for my third year now, I have come across a variety of people, languages and personalities. I fully understand that one’s perception of things is heavily shaped by one’s experiences and those experiences are largely attributed to one’s life in his or her home country. But then I argue with myself for isn’t dreaming universal? Isn’t accomplishing universal? Isn’t living? Gratitude?

I still find it weird how many of my colleagues find it very easy and quick to open up about their frustrations in life. That isn’t bad in itself but then I wonder, why aren’t the victories (even the little ones) more talked about and celebrated? What I hear most of the time are the bad rosters, the days off they didn’t get, what shitty situation they are in, just how much they don’t want to be here, and it goes on and on. And I wonder, “Didn’t you at one point wanted to be here?” Wasn’t this your dream? Wasn’t it your choice to come here?

I’m definitely not the 100% silver linings kind of girl. But I try. And I too have gone some tough times in my life that had me complain. And remembering how badly I complained then embarrasses me now. I would like to believe I’m past that. I’m lucky I’m past that because really, it is a very unhealthy frame of mind. I really believe that what you think, you attract. Yup, I’ve read Byrnes, Sharma and Sanchez. I admire and respect them especially that I’ve seen that what they say is true. In ways more than a thousand, positivity will get you through life. Positivity will have you live life – a great one.

Now don’t misunderstand me by thinking that I may be one of the cabin crew who have always dreamt of becoming one that now that I finally am here and living the big-name #crewlife just can’t stop talking about it and worshipping the job. NO. Definitely not. I have mentioned in my previous posts that I am not one of those girls. I am a registered nurse and while writing has always been with me since I was so much younger, nursing is still the career I would love to pursue and grow in. I would love to be in the hospital. I would love to wear scrubs again. I would love the adrenaline of seeing patients rush in and out of the emergency room again. I would love to be in action with BP apparatuses and syringes and charts again. I would give heaps to come back to my profession. But I am here. I am flying off to different destinations so fast I couldn’t even remember where I just arrived from the day before (honestly). I serve tea and coffee. I work in a very confined space where I have to make do of what I have in that aircraft whatever out-of-the-world requests and/or questions a passenger may have. However, I have learned to do my best to just stop complaining. It’s not going to do me any good. After all, I applied for this job. I went to the interview and did the medicals. I prayed hard I would get it and I did. I did. So what is there to complain about, really? And there isn’t a perfect job. Even when I get the chance to go back to nursing, I am so certain there would still be things that would make me unhappy. There would still be situations that would test me and maybe even question why I ever went back to nursing in the first place. You see, there’s no place and position in the world that is shockproof. Something and/or someone would one day piss you off and that is one (if not the only) thing common to all the thousands of jobs in this world.

I know a lot of people would kill to get this job. And that’s one of the many facts about it that keeps me grateful. I’m not going to stop dreaming. My other dreams are still here with me and while I’m working to achieve them, I would report to work with a content heart and a smile on my face because really, life is a matter of perspective and my choice is to make the most of it while I am here. #

On being a 25-year-old in 2016

What is more challenging and nerve-wracking than being a 25-year-old in 2016?
It is challenging enough to be a 25-year-old woman say in the 1970s. However, add up social media and that makes the journey to adulthood even crazier.
I’ve recently spoken to a friend on several occasions about contentment and finding happiness in what we have as of the moment. Of course, we’ve also talked about the times in the recent past when we were still in the stage in our lives where the unspoken competition with other people our age was at its strongest and when we were still playing in it viciously.
Social media simply shows (and hides) a lot of stuff in a person’s life. You see people graduating from college, becoming doctors, becoming lawyers, going overseas, getting engaged, getting married, getting pregnant, having babies, getting promoted, getting cars, building houses, and so much more. You see what movie/book/TV show they’re currently watching/reading. Heck, you even read how they feel (insert “feeling loved”, “feeling sad”, “feeling blessed”). You practically see what everyone’s up to.
It’s a lot to see and digest everything I’ve just mentioned coming from people close to you – people you actually know in real life. Imagine your high school classmate, college buddy, childhood best friend, varsity teammate, coworker, etc. It takes so much more to actually see these people apparently doing so well in life while you are there feeling like you’re struggling with every life decision you have to make.
Naturally, human beings are competitive. Also, we are jealous. We like to compare. A lot of us are fixated with the child in us wanting what your playmate has. We like to look at our classmate’s lunchbox without even knowing what’s inside ours.
When you see someone engaged, you immediately question why on earth can’t you even have a long-term relationship. When you see someone getting pregnant, all you see is the excitement she’s experiencing. When you see someone getting promoted, you ask why can’t you even get a raise. When you see someone bag the job you always dream of, you think why can’t it be you when you believe you can do as good or even better. When you see someone travel overseas, you imagine her income to be sky-high and envy her. When you see someone become a doctor, you tell yourself you were so much smarter than him in high school.
This competition is so much felt in people from the same age group i.e. batch mates. We tend to compare our lives to each other’s. This may be because we have grown together under the same developmental expectations for so long that the custom has become hard to break. We see parents of young children do this in school. Picture a mother who shares stories about her kid to other parents outside the classroom. Her little story telling about how her little Joanna likes to dance to One Direction songs has spiralled into a parents’ bragging session of their kids’ dancing skills and why their kid is the best dancer. In so many ways and probably because of the negative use of social media, we have become our own parents.
I have learned that while being hard on yourself gets you results most of the time, it could also get you burned out. No matter how difficult, I have learned to try and find comfort in my situation. I am a critical person and I’m still working on letting my hair loose. It is because I have learned that while you plan and work so hard for what you want, there will always be a far more superior plan than the worldly one you have set for yourself. No matter how much my five-years-ago-self would hate hearing me admit this, it is true that you cannot plan everything in life. You cannot planner or journal or timeline your way into life, much less into success. You have to live. And major part of living is enjoying the process – looking at where life takes you. My biggest comfort would always be in the fact that my God is always there which is why in so many instances in my life recently, I have simply surrendered everything to Him. Everything. Growing up I’ve known and have constantly been assured that He will take me there. I may not know where or how or how long but in my heart I am confident He will. That thought will always be the best balm to my aching and tired heart.
Just today, I have resolved to live in the moment. While many would use #YOLO (‘You Only Live Once’) to motivate themselves in getting through their life’s battles, I have resolved to have my own #YOYO. Mine just goes ‘You’re Only Young Once’. So I’m making a deal with myself and that inner parent inside me to just enjoy growing up and not rush getting old.
You see, we all have different stories. Remember that just because it is happening to her now doesn’t mean it’s never gonna happen to you or that it’s gonna be less meaningful because you didn’t go through it first. It will be your turn. Believe in it. Wait for it. Life doesn’t turn out the same for all of us. And it not being similar isn’t a sad thing. In fact, it is what makes it beautiful. Its being unpredictable and rocky are the very characteristics that make life more thrilling. It makes you look forward to mornings. It makes you appreciate the little quiet moments. I have said it before and I’ll never tire of saying it because life is indeed beautiful. #

On gratitude

“You win some, you lose some.”

On my recent post, I have mentioned my wanting to go back to nursing thereby leaving the airline industry. I haven’t said this in that post but when I do leave, I hope it’s for good.
My feelings about returning to my profession have been so intense lately that I have gotten in touch with my friends and acquiantances who have pursued their nursing careers inspite of the difficulties of the industry in my country. Half of them encouraged my desire, half of them asked if I am certain. Most of the latter half threw me questions that made me remember so many things – from my past and what lies ahead.
And then slowly but surely, it hit me. It became clear to me that I have in my bothered state – in my body that’s been suffering from restless nights and waking up from sleep that never really afforded me peace, in my mind that’s been boggled with everything and in my soul that just feels so weighed down, torn and wretched – made a decision. I have decided. I have made a choice. And that choice is to be grateful.
Again, I was reminded how far I’ve gone – how far I’ve actually travelled and brought myself to. I was reminded that in so many ways, I was and am continually blessed.
I feel guilty of wanting so many things out of life. I am guilty of getting dismayed and heartbroken of not getting what I want all because I grew up believing and proving that if you want something so bad and when you give it everything you’ve got, you will definitely achieve it. But no matter how ideal and hardworking you are, there will always be other elements in life that may cause you not to yield the exact shade of color you want to be in your painting. Whether we like it or not, failure is just there sitting somewhere – big and small. And if it gives you comfort, know that failure also happens to the best ones. It happened to the people we look up to as the successful ones and still continue to happen to them even if they are already branded as seemingly perfect and failure-proof.
So this is me saying that yes, I am willing to put my other dreams on hold because I have been blessed of so much already. Maybe too much that I have been so used to it and have regarded myself as entitled to them instead of being grateful. This is me making a choice to come to terms with my inner demons and find beauty in where I am now. I will look for the beauty and the luster I’ve seen in this job before. I will count my blessings. I will enjoy the moment. I will focus on the silver linings. This is not settling. This is choosing a frame of mind that is healthy for me and the people closest to me. This is me feeling certain that tomorrow and in the mornings to come, I will wake up rested, energized and at peace with myself. #

On Starting Over

Why is it that starting over is such a scary thing to do for most of us? Everyone wants change and a better state for ourselves yet when we are cornered into finally having to do that one thing that is gonna cross the line, we chicken out. We take a step back. For others, they run a mile back, as if that’s gonna bring them the change they want and as if that’s gonna do them better.
It’s easy to be lured in the moment when you imagine of better pictures of your life. It’s easy and sweet to be making dreams for progress and self-improvement. But like many other things in life, it is the part where action is needed that is lacking.
I have been flying for two years now (I will be having my 2nd flyaversary next month!) and on my second year of flying, I have either thought about 1) joining other airlines, 2) enrolling in international studies, 3) pursuing my dream of becoming an author, or 4) going back to nursing. Everything I’ve wanted was change. However, no matter how long my list is, the closest thing I’ve done to accomplish them was to 1) apply, 2) check school websites, 3) do research and 4) pass the IELTS.
I have done some things to get me closer to where I really want to be but I know in my heart I haven’t done enough. I have reasons and I am clear on the points that are stopping me and why they are important.
I have friends who would tell me they want a new job, a new environment, a new partner, a new routine. But then, I don’t know much who have really crossed the line. Like me, I see that they cower when the opportunity presents itself.
As much as change is alluring, tempting and sounds grand, most of us even if most wouldn’t agree that it is one of the most intimidating things to happen in life. That is because no matter how much adventurous, bold and daring we would like ourselves to be and believe, familiar ground will always feel safer. And safe is always comforting.
So, how are we ever going to get out of the box we unconsciously put ourselves into when in it we are trapped by reasons, by fear (real and made-up), by standards, by society?
How did the more successful people do it?
Will you ever have the guts to take the leap? #

Three Words

How does one know when she’s found true love?

You see, love, like life and death is an entity that has become complicated in its simplicity. How does the heart know for sure? What beauty it is that occurs to the spirit on that second the heart finally wins over the mind!

Love is a very powerful element. It is felt beyond our kind. It is a very wonderful thing to see and hear of people committing and vowing to be together forever – to be for each other in eternity. Love… Desiring a lifetime and simply being unable to fathom a life without that person who was once a complete stranger. It is amazing and magical how God puts two people together – two people treading completely different lives – two people who suddenly realize they aren’t alone in the road and that this time they can take things slow (and definitely enjoy the steps) as finally there is another who can lend a shoulder, a hand and bestow you his heart. Finally, your shadow doesn’t scare you anymore. The universe becomes twice its hues. It is vibrant; refreshing even. Finally, the path feels safer even if and when it gets dark. Finally, there’s an echo of your chest’s lub-dub. Finally, the sighs and the hunching of the shoulders are shared. Amazingly, the laughter seems to be coming from your soul and has never felt this wonderful.

And you wonder, how is it possible in this world of hunger and poverty and racism to find security in fingers linked, in shoulders brushing, on a chin in the forehead, on a whisper on your ear, on arms in your waist, on nose to nose, on pupil to pupil, on lips to lips?

How can three words suddenly make this world a better place? #

The Ten Things I Promise Myself This 2016

I don’t think I ever was the type of person who made resolutions for each new year. I am the kind that writes goals, plans, reminders and grocery lists but NY resolutions weren’t really my thing. For this year though, I have made a list of the things I promise myself I would and would not be this year and since I haven’t been so active on my site in the past months, I thought about sharing my list as my first entry this year. So here goes:

  1. Be more grateful. Last year has been stressful mainly because of work and I am guilty of having allowed it get into my nerves so much that my attitude even outside work has been altered in a way or another. For one, I have become pessimistic, which is really so not me. How I have focused so much thought and energy on the downs at work have blocked the many other things in my life that I should be grateful for. I have let myself be so absorbed in it that there were so many times that I have not thanked the Lord that I have a job and one that gets me to travel and provide for myself and family. I have failed to see my work as a blessing that has taken me so far from where I was in my life the past year. Hence, this year I promise myself to bounce back and have my eyes set on the colorful aspects of my life. While I am aware that there will still be so many times that I will get disappointed about work and other parts of life, I resolve to count my blessings and will count them with a grateful heart.
  2. Spend less time on social media especially when I’m with my loved ones. Given the nature of my job and a lot of alone times (which I do enjoy), I can’t help but always be active on social media sites when I’m not flying. Like, you would know I’m on day off when you check on Messenger and see that I have been active for only a few minutes ago. I accept it as a part of my living overseas. I run to social media for news and entertainment. What I find unacceptable though (and I would admit it here first) is when I catch myself aching for Facebook and Instagram when I’m already with the people who matter. It’s a disgusting picture to look at when I’m browsing my Facebook feed and only be half listening to what my mother is saying or be less attentive to my nephew showing off his dancing only because I can’t put my phone down because of Instagram. This is a habit that I agree would be very difficult to give up but I know has to be done.
  3. Write more. I have always been passionate about writing but there were so many times I would put off a ‘moment to write’ just because I was so lazy to get up and turn my laptop on or be too much of a bum that I couldn’t even get my phone out to write a note about a great idea that came up. There were so many times I had the latter and I silently curse myself for all those brilliant concepts for my next article or future book that are now gone all because I was “too lazy” or I thought I could remember it when I get to actually be writing another article. Inspiration comes in different forms and they will never come by twice. I have proven that. So this is me saying hello to this year and to more vibrant and genius works of my pen because this year I won’t let any scene from my creative mind slip by without being written down. This year will be my writing year.
  4. Reconnect with Him more often. I promise to say my thanks more often than I already do and be more assured of His power in my life. It’s that simple.
  5. Stop the Manana habit. I am the kind of person who doesn’t like waiting and would do things done as soon as I can. Well, that is for most of the things in my life like doing the laundry, accomplishing a form for work, writing an important email and so on. But other (and more important) things like saving, renewing my professional license, fixing my insurance, learning how to drive and the like, I always put off. Like writing, I always postpone beginning until the next thing I know, a good number of months have gone by – a good number of months wasted. I should know how to drive by now. See?
  6. Be healthier. I wouldn’t pretend again by telling myself I will go to the gym (which is just four floors below my place) thrice a week. I have a much simpler plan. I will try to have healthier food choices, work out when I have the time and aim to not have the problem of opting to wear dresses only because none of my pants fit anymore. I may just start by purchasing that purple yoga mat I saw last week.
  7. Have a filter for my pessimistic words, thoughts and energy. This year, I vow to be the kind of person I wouldn’t cringe talking to. Positive people have always looked radiant and wonderful to me. I promise to be one of them. I would make sure that whatever I say and or do will not be utter negativity. Instead, I would live to inspire which is one of my many life goals, by the way. I would be more encouraging and uplifting and I would carry an atmosphere like that wherever I go.
  8. Be less of a know-it-all. I am not so conscious about it when this character of mine rolls but I am aware it happens and most often than not, it is after that I have the realization. I don’t know. This is just me. But I will put in effort to be less of it and be more of a person that lets people talk, actually listens and consider that they may be right and I may be wrong.
  9. Be kinder and be more active about this kindness. It’s not enough to be wanting to help when I see sad stories and videos of real life people online. Wanting to help is futile. The verb here should be the word ‘help’ itself. It’s very similar to what we see we or our friends do online. We share these heartbreaking stories about people with unfortunate cases in life but when we ask ourselves and look for an honest answer if have we really helped the person and we know deep down that the answers are ‘no’ and/or ‘not really’, then something must be done. If you too have this same promise to yourself, you may want to start looking at this link for starters, UNICEF Help for Children, and be of real help to another living being in this world. I swear, knowing you’re helping and being useful to God’s plan for the world is more than enough satisfaction.
  10. Cherish my relationships. Show the people I love that I love them. I came across this magazine article wherein one celebrity housewife said that her husband’s love language is service. I was inspired. And I can’t help but think that really, shouldn’t service all be our love language? The little things that we can do like making your partner a cup of tea in the morning or downloading Carpenters songs into your mother’s iPad as she never gets the hang of technology or doing the laundry for your sister who just doesn’t have the time as she’s drowned in exams or picking up your six-year-old niece at school after her class or driving your brother to the airport for his business travel. They all count and matter. This year (and the many more years to come),  the people I love will know I love them and they will know how much. #

The 25-Year-Old Over-Thinker

There is plenty of fish in the sea, they say.

And growing up, she believed this.

Growing up, she knew there’s a whole lot bigger world, a whole lot more people, a whole lot of discoveries waiting to be unraveled.

So now looking back at the twenty-five years of her life – twenty-five years of her existence gone – she wonders, is that everything? Was that all she was made to see, to feel, to cherish, to hate, to mourn, to love, to trust, to doubt, to hurt, to touch?

Was that all?

Her toes in the white sand, the white sand sprinkled in her body like talc, her body slouched and carefree, her carefree hair being swept in tangles by the wind, the wind moving inside her lungs, her lungs expand after what seemed the deepest breath she took in her life, her life playing before her eyes in the aqua that crashes every three seconds on her toes.

Was that everything?

She drew another breath. She has never been conscious until this very moment about the deliciousness of air moving through her soul like she feels the life and the fire in the veins in her limbs or the comfort the roughness of the sand brings to her skin and all her senses. She feels so strong but at the same time so weighed down. She sees the vastness of the sea – its blueness, its tranquility, its horrors and augustness under and she believes all over again what she has always believed in. The world is so wide – and so complicated. And yes, so beautiful.

She wonders have all women her age arrived at this point in their lives? Are we all programmed to come to a stage in our existence to literally sit down and evaluate the kind of life we led and what we have become as people? Are we all meant to question our fate and our plans for the future? Was it ever written in our books of life – if there’s such thing – that we are to feel helpless and clueless and strange that we actually have to research life hacks and subscribe to self-help emails? Does anyone even know how to really and truly live a life? Has anyone lived an optimum quality of life?

Is she supposed to ask these many questions?

Another gulp of air. The sun has just began to set.

Is the sun happy? Does she feel contentment in what she does? For the gazillion years that passed, has she ever felt tired, bored, rotten? Has she ever thought about quitting? If it was at her own will, would she still come out as morning? Has it ever crossed her mind to trade places with the moon? Does she envy the moon? Had she ever?

The sun has fully kissed the sea – her goodbye grand in showing what’s visibly left of her in utter radiance. She showcases her strength and majesty one last time in colors the woman’s eyes will always attribute to royalty – to thrones and crowns and scepters. And then she’s gone.

The sun  is gone. But she’s going to be back in the morrow. She’s gonna show up regardless of how I feel about her and her presence. She will be there. She will rouse me to my senses. Her rays will tell me it is another day. It is another beginning.

And just like the earth, she will make me understand the meaning of limitless. She will have me comprehend without words. She will get me to think – again – as if I haven’t done enough of that in my lifetime. She will get me to digest that even if I am not as beautiful nor as bold as her, what we have in common is that we have unlimited beginnings.

And the beauty of it all is that I’ve no other choice but take it. #

Generation Y and Proud

Recently, from a vacation in my country, I bought a copy of one of the most established magazines that women my age purchase or subscribe to. Hence, I came across a section that talks about millennials.

I scoured the Net for what is out there about millennials, looking to find an inspiration about what to write about (after months of not being active in my page). There, I saw the con adjectives that seem to come in a string right after the word.

While I admit that some, if not most, of those are true, I also couldn’t help but come to the defense of my generation (and hope that this not add more oxygen to their fire). I, after all, belong in this narcissistic, entitled and egotistic group of people. And again, while we may be these badly publicized individuals, I believe that just like any young generation twenty or forty or sixty years ago, we are misunderstood in so many respects.

1. We weigh things and the we make OUR decisions. (hard-headed)

We are real life young adults and adults but we are still seen and heard as kids. We listen to feedback and advice but not every advice is good advice and I’m sure this applies not only to millennials but to everyone in every stage of life. We hear you but not taking your suggestion does not mean that we don’t heed your thoughts nor that we are hardheaded. We are simply using our own heads (pretty much the same way you use it).

2. We can multitask. (short attention span/unfocused/no interest)

Breezing through different to-do’s and jobs isn’t a joke but we manage. We like to explore. After all, times now have changed that there’s so much in store thus so many to choose from. We like to bask in the variety simply because it’s there. It’s available. It’s an option. It’s a luxury our generation is afforded with so why not grab it? Anyone from any generation would do the same if given the chance, I’m certain. Everyone likes variety. Relax.

3. We take care of ourselves (and our loved ones). #YOLO (materialistic)

It’s a material world, honey! And it’s not like every millennial you know just flushes their cash down the loo. Many others spend on bigger and  long-term investments that the haters fail to see or avoid to recognize. Treating ourselves once in a while isn’t a sin and again, even older people do it. Let me say the second sentence again but this way, it’s not like every ‘old’ person you know is a role model for saving and preparing for the future. Maybe it’s just so much more magnified with us millennials because of social media. But wait, just because we post it makes us materialistic? See next.

4. Just because we have an amazing IG feed??? Seriously? (pretentious)

People like nice things and in a way, social media has improved our creative input as a generation. This is our avenue. And so it is for older generation. Using emojis, more flowery words and checking-in more often than older people doesn’t equate to being pretentious. Not in anyone’s dictionary.

5. We adapt and we do fast. Isn’t that the ultimate trait of humans? Adaptability? (fad follower)

People judged KathNiel fans who went over the top fangirling over Daniel. They were automatically perceived as the generation who would go for anything that’s ‘in’. And then came the AlDub phenomena which got so many followers from the millennials. While they go all out in support for this new adored love team, the same people find another reason to judge these millennials that yea, there they go again, following another fad. But hold on a sec, are my eyes playing tricks on me or are my aunts and so-much-older cousins posting declarations of love for Alden on my Facebook news feed?

6. We speak our minds. (wild/disrespectful)

‘Everyone is entitled to his own opinion’ is a saying as old as time. And nothing changed. This still holds true. I think and am sure that every generation (including my parents and grandparents) have heard their parents tell them they’re being disrespectful only because they’re saying their piece which I’m sure they’re entitled to. And here, we are not talking about the HOW. We’re not talking about the manner in which we say things. Millennials are being judged simply because they talk. And what’s wrong with that? We have a say, don’t we?

7. We’re on our phones most of the time but that doesn’t mean we don’t get work done. (lazy)

This by far is one of the craziest things I’ve heard about millennials. While it’s true that we spend a lot of time on social media, do we really need to remind the world (for the nth time) even with the millions of smartphones seen all over the world that times have changed? Now, one can make money online. And if that’s not what that millennial next to you is doing in her iPad, then maybe you can cut her some slack and consider that maybe, just maybe, she’s on her phone on her ‘break time’? Yes, being overly present in the social media world than the real world is a problem I do recognize but I think it’s an even greater problem of society the way we judge and generalize just because you see a twenty-something lass making a Snapchat video in the corner but not get bothered with that forty-something colleague who doesn’t miss a day  sending you game requests on Facebook while on duty.

8. We know what we can bring to the table. (egotistic)

Let’s face it, while there are so many bad things to point out about millennials, there are also a long list of things we are good (if not better) at. And we know it. That’s not pride over there but confidence. We know what we can share. We know that what we contribute completes the cake, if not the frosting to it!

9. We know who we are and we’re not having it from anyone. (narcissistic)

Identity and quarter life crisis may be present in some millennials but we have a good grip to who we are as individuals. And this is why I for one am aware of the bad vibes surrounding those like me who are born in this Generation Y but am not deterred in continuing to be who I am. Simply put, I know I’m awesome and will pursue my dreams and passions in this brightly-colored life and generation. Again, that’s not narcissism all because I professed my self-love in this blog on behalf of all the millennials. That is self-love that’s given the chance to be broadcast all over the world because we now have social media and because (again) times have changed. I thank you. :p

10. We know what we want and we go get it. (entitled)

This is my favorite as in a way, I agree that we really are entitled. But not in the context of the haters. We, millennials, feel entitled because of all the points above but mainly due to points number 5, 6, 8 and 9. This generation is filled to the brim with power because they know precisely their abilities. They demand it from the universe because they’re willing to give the same to it. Their ambitions and their being vocal about it may make observers raise a brow but that is the kind of energy that makes them distinct from other generations. There is so much power and vigor in their dreams, aspirations and goals for the future that makes them burst to words. The words just fuel the motion. The thing is, we don’t stop there. We go get it. #