Wicked in London

I've known Dorothy and the wonderful world of Oz - and yes, the Wizard too, since I was in school. I remember reading the book in high school but it┬ádidn't really make a mark on me, I guess, as I don't really feel nor remember much besides that of the Tin Man and his desire … Continue reading Wicked in London


On gratitude

"You win some, you lose some." On my recent post, I have mentioned my wanting to go back to nursing thereby leaving the airline industry. I haven't said this in that post but when I do leave, I hope it's for good. My feelings about returning to my profession have been so intense lately that … Continue reading On gratitude

On Starting Over

Why is it that starting over is such a scary thing to do for most of us? Everyone wants change and a better state for ourselves yet when we are cornered into finally having to do that one thing that is gonna cross the line, we chicken out. We take a step back. For others, … Continue reading On Starting Over

The Ten Things You Gotta Have to be a Flight Attendant

Countless ladies want to become a flight attendant and I personally think this is because of the image that has long been associated with being one. You know, the breakfasts in London and dinners in Rome, the luxury living in hotels, the lipsticks and eye palettes you get to experiment with, the heavenly scents of … Continue reading The Ten Things You Gotta Have to be a Flight Attendant